About Greenhavens Network

Greenhavens Network was set up to support community groups who are volunteering to protect your green spaces and bring them to life, we currently represent over 92 community groups, stretching from Telscombe to Seaford. All of these green ambassadors are championing your green spaces, through caring about your parks and opens spaces as well as doing everything they can to help wildlife flourish and encouraging people to be healthy and happy in their local green spaces.

We want you to get involved and enjoy the Greenhavens area, it is truly beautiful and there are so many places to visit and so many activities to get involved in. Whether its walking your dog, playing football or joining in with any of the activities the Greenhavens Network community groups offer, of which there are so many – including  food growing, walking, cycling, conservation task days, gardening – the choice is endless, join in and be part of your community doing the things you love.

Join us, we have a beautiful place to live here on the South Coast, help us keep it so!
Sussex Downland