About Greenhavens Network CIO

Greenhavens Network is now a registered Charity

Greenhaven Network work in the community with the community to connect people and wildlife, everyone is welcome. With over 3000 members we aim to engage and inspire everyone to make positive changes to their lives, their communities and the green spaces we all love.

We want to see our greenspaces buzzing with wildlife and are creating wildlife corridors across the Havens, Seaford and up into Lewes, through wildflowers, trees and ponds.

Through sharing ideas, local knowledge, skills and resources we aim to make a significant difference to the quality of open spaces. We hold quarterly network meetings which are normally buzzing with inspiring speakers.

We have many projects going on from Lewes down to the coast, community gardens, rewilding your verges, front garden enhancement, blue heart scheme, climate change cafes, seed swapping to name just a few.

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Registered Charity No 1200006

Sussex Downland