Greenhavens Network Committee

Karen Rigby-Faux
Karen Rigby-FauxVice Chair
My love for the outdoors came from an early age, growing up in the gorgeous New Forest, a career inspiration for anyone; Resulting in the last 30 years supporting our natural environment, working with communities on the most amazing projects. I am continually inspired by the positive impact communities are making on their green spaces and I feel truly privileged to be making differences to biodiversity with so many dedicated and passionate people.

JessieWilder Garden Coordinator
Jessie has worked locally as a ranger and open spaces worker for over 20 years. She studied Ecology and Conservation at Sussex University studying Pipistrelle bats for her thesis. After as decade a as ranger she spent the next ten years specialising in community development and environmental education. In her previous role at Sussex Community Development Association she worked setting up community gardens, promoting wildlife friendly gardening and green wellbeing activities. She was present at the beginnings of the Greenhaven’s Network and is “thrilled” to be able to work with us again on such a timely project. Jessie is a keen wildlife gardener and a Forest/Beach School practitioner passionate about the environment. She loves sharing the wonder of nature with children and people from all backgrounds and making a difference to people and the nature.
Pam Perry
Pam PerryTreasurer
I have been a volunteer (and currently Chairperson) of NIPPERS. This is a registered Charity established in 1973. I have been involved since 1978 and volunteer there daily. NIPPERS offers out of school activities for children and young people aged 3-17. We encourage outdoor activities and supporting their environment.
I am a Forest School Leader and work for a local training organisation offering accredited training in Forest School to level 3. We currently have 2 Forest School Leaders (myself included) and 2 in training.
For many years we have been based near Castle Hill in Newhaven, but more recently have moved to East Side, which is an area of planned re development.
I was a founder member of NCDA (now SCDA) but am no longer involved with that organisation.
Jackie Barrow
Jackie BarrowAdvisor
I live In Seaford, have taught adults with special needs horticulture and set up a community garden project in the main allotment in Eastbourne. I am semi-retired but keep very active by being a volunteer health walk leader for Seaford and Peacehaven, have forest school training with Sussex Wild Life Trust and help out with various drop in days. Very keen gardener, grow all np y plants from seeds and cuttings and like to recycle whenever possible.
I am a qualified designer in buildings, interior and garden design, although haven’t practiced for many years. I am a hands on person and like to work as part of a team.
Have set up and run a number of community gardens as part of the Millennium Award in Tonbridge, a community garden in Hamden Park, Eastbourne and raising money for raised planting beds for disabled people at the main allotment in Eastbourne.
Since retiring I have worked with children as young as two years old at Nature Tots, with the Wild Life Trust to Ladies in their eighties.
I feel the benefits of being and working outside, explore nature are so positive for everyone and hopefully the current lockdown has motivated more people to continue to enjoy the nature world when we return to some form of normality.
As a trained health walk leader with Wave Leisure, Seaford, I hope we will continue our weekly walks, it promotes friendship and is an excellent antidote to isolation and depression. I would like to expand these walks to include points of special interest, as my other interests include natural and local history.
Health Walk Leader (Wave Leisure), Garden Designer and Forest School Practioneer
Paula Woolven
Paula WoolvenAdvisor
Havens Community Hub puts the needs of the community first. Providing personalised support to good causes and creating partnership projects to meet established community need.
We are committed to supporting good causes to fulfil their potential, improve skills and to succeed in meeting the needs of the community.
CREATING – Partnerships and Projects To Meet Established Community Need.
SUPPORTING – Good Causes To Become More Sustainable.
CONNECTING – Volunteers To Appropriate Opportunities.
Havens Community Hub are members of 3VA, FSI, SEUK, NCVO, Locality, AoC & the Plunkett Foundation.
We are happy to support Greenhavens Network in whatever way our skills and resources could be best used.
As well as supporting local non-profits we also administer for Havens Community Cars and Havens Happy Clubs – for community transport and community activities for older people.
During Covid-19, we have also stepped in to support FareShare perishable food distribution to prevent food waste and creation of landfill emissions as many groups who would normally do this have been halted during lockdown.
We look forward to working with, and supporting you, now and in the future.
Havens Community Hub Company Secretary and Newhaven Town Councillor
George Taylor
George TaylorAdvisor
My background and experience sits with IT, media, videography, social media, coordination and fundraising. I’m keen to work on moving the amazing Greenhavens forward whilst building volunteer sustainability and engagement. I’d also like to see how Greenhavens can work more with local authorities so we can continue to deliver great things. I have a strong passion for wildlife and nature and currently work for the RSPB as a Membership Fundraiser
Newhaven Town Councillor, vice chair of Newhaven and Seaford Refill
Steven Teale
Steven TealeAdvisor
I have up to 15 years’ experience (as an amateur/volunteer) of the following:
· studying butterflies, moths and other wildlife
· biological recording and sharing records with the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre
· guiding walks (including for Butterfly Conservation, SCDA and Lewes District Council)
· leading wildlife-events (moth-trapping, bug hunts, rock-pooling, one-off events such as Nature Cadets with Newhaven Fort)
· performing and assisting with baseline wildlife surveys (for Lewes District Council and wildlife groups)
· designing survey strategies
· land management for conservation (advisory and practical work)
· committee member of the Friends of Castle Hill LNR since 2005 (Recording Officer since 2017)
· wildlife writing, blogging and ‘bio-tweeting’
Mary Hawes
Mary HawesAdvisor
I have a background in local government and the third sector. I am currently co running Cycling Without Age – Seaford Chapter, a group which take elderly and socially isolated individuals for free rides on specially adapted trishaws. This allows them to interact with their environment and socialise again, improving mental and physical health and general wellbeing.
During Covid I have been working as part of SeaFriends to set up and run a telephone befriending service to provide regular contact for isolated individuals. Long term it is hoped that we can continue this service and grow it to help to combat social isolation and loneliness in the Seaford area.