Froglife report

Froglife family event at Newhaven Valley Ponds – Saturday 2nd March

On 2nd March we were joined by Will at Froglife for a family workshop on amphibian identification and how to improve our own gardens to attract frogs, toads, newts, lizards and slow worms.

9 families took part and enjoyed a quiz and interactive presentation from Will including the opportunity to build their own garden habitat. 

After a short break for refreshments we made our way to Valley Ponds where we split into two groups for a pond dipping session.   Will provided everyone with nets and identification cards and everyone took it in turns to use the nets.   Whilst we weren’t expecting to find much considering the recent cold snap and heavy rainfall and flooding but we were pleasantly surprised to find a stickleback in one pond and blood worms aplenty together with some lesser boatmen, water hoglouse and beetle larvae.   All great signs that the water is currently relatively clean.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Will and Froglife back for a summer workshop when hopefully we’ll find more life in the ponds!