Seaford Swift


As with so much of our wildlife, swifts are struggling to survive in our world and the aim of this FB page is to raise awareness and encourage locals to engage with the swifts and respect their wish to inhabit our town, which is only for a few months every year from May to August.   So the idea is to keep watch on the birds and note, if possible, where they appear to be nesting.   

One tool to use is an app called Swift Mapping, where sightings of a scream of swifts can be reported.  You cannot really fail to see them when they fly at speed above our houses, catching food for themselves or to feed their young and often there is the accompanying scream which alerts us to their presence!

In case you don’t know, swifts come over from Africa every year, and nest in our homes, usually in the older houses and because of our desire to modernise/improve homes, nests have been lost and consequently, caused a decline in their population.  Not just here but everywhere!   This has been made worse by our prolific use of pesticides which affects the insects on which they feed.   They are amazing birds, they eat, mate and sleep on the wing, so the only time they land anywhere is to build a nest, and breed.  They need a clear path to the nest which is created high up in buildings in the eaves and from where they are able to drop into the air as they leave the nest.   The birds will return to the same nest year after year, and so will their young, once maturity is reached.   Consequently, swifts have evolved with small feet and legs and do not have the ability to perch. 

If you would like to join this group and find out more how you can save our swifts, please contact Sheila via Save Seaford’s Swifts | Facebook