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Sussex Dolphin Project is a charity project of the World Cetacean Alliance committed to protecting local dolphin species through Research, Awareness and Education to deliver ecosystem-level restoration and rejuvenation.

Research – Our research is driven through a citizen science programme with a view to identifying individual dolphins/pods, and to better understand their behaviour, movement, prey species and breeding sites. This data will then be used to better protect our marine environment and ultimately safeguard Sussex marine mammals. If you see any marine mammals, please report to us via our website, social profiles or email

Awareness – We aim to help the local Sussex community better understand the marine mammals found in this stretch of the English Channel by sharing our reported sightings, offering boat trips, engaging via local media and social media and arranging events across the Sussex coastline.

Education – we work with a range of local schools and community groups to build knowledge on marine mammals, wider marine life, habitats and the importance of maintaining a balanced marine ecosystem.

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Telephone: 01273 355011