Seaford Head School

Students at Seaford Head are very keen to learn about environmental issues and conservation.  Projects have included Tree planting, setting [...]

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Seaford Gardening in Association

Gardening In Association Growing the joy of plants and gardening in everyone. Facebook

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Social Farms and Gardens


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Seaford Community Garden

Situated in the Crouch Gardens, the Seaford Community Garden opens every Wednesday throughout the year from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 [...]

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Landport Community Garden, Lewes

A walled garden with a pond, potting shed, polytunnel and a range of fruit trees, vegetable beds and flower borders. [...]

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Spine Path Community Garden, Peacehaven

This is an intergenerational project which residents from Trafalgar and Collingwood Close will transform from a woodland area, running along [...]

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Peacehaven Horticultural Society

Contact: Alison Standing Email:

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