I recently attended the Introduction to Permaculture Design course led by the Brighton Permaculture Trust.  I can thoroughly recommend it. It took place over two days and was based partly in the classroom and also outdoors.

We covered the 3 principles:

Earth care

People care

Fair shares

I admit I was hooked from then on. We looked at ways to use what we already have, to more purpose, how to observe the landscape and work out what areas would best for which functions and a whole load more.

While it is about ways of producing food while working with nature, I discovered it is about so much more as well, and can be applied to almost any area of life.

The fees are applied on a sliding scale relating to salary, and there are concessionary rates if you are on benefits. I was lucky enough to have been given some vouchers, and the administration team were really helpful with registering.

Brighton Permaculture Trust offer a wide range of courses, including “How to grow Mushrooms “, and events such as their ever popular “Apple Day”

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Jules Charrington


More information about the course Jules went on, is below

Who is the Introduction to permaculture course for?

This course is for people concerned about the state of the world, who want to look at those challenges and create solutions. It is open to anyone aged 16 or over. No prior knowledge of permaculture is needed.

Learning methods and outcomes

The course will be taught using a variety of methods; group work, games, presentations, discussion, video and slides. We will visit our plot at Stanmer Organics project. By the end of the course, you will have a basic knowledge of some of the permaculture ethics and principles and how to apply them. Course participants who complete the entire course will receive a certificate, which will be sent via email after the course.

What does the Introduction to permaculture course lead on to?

This course is an ideal starter for anyone interested in a full permaculture design course. It is now necessary to have completed an Introduction to permaculture design course in order to take Brighton Permaculture Trust’s Permaculture design course (Building sustainable communities). You can also go on to explore other specialist courses.