Got a glut of Tomatoes?

Tomato chutney is really easy to make.


Take  2lb tomatoes, 8oz raisins, 8oz caster sugar, 8oz chopped onions and a pint of malt vinegar.

Simmer for 2 hours and then bottle in sterilised jars.

Leave it to mature for at least one month.

I leave it for 3 months as I always think it’s a bit vinegary when it’s fresher.  Get making now and it will be perfect for Christmas. Delicious!

Greenhavens Karen

Thanks too for the following tip from Jim Stanford!

“To preserve excess chillis for the winter, chop up a dozen or more and fill ice cube trays with the chillis, add water, freeze and half a day later you can decant the cubes into a plastic bag/ box in your freezer. Add 1 or 2 cubes when cooking a chilli con carne / curry, etc, to your taste.

(Rubber/ plastic gloves are useful if you’re processing a large number of chillis by hand)”