Day 2 of National Allotment week and today we hear from Daniela who helps on a plot in Seaford. Thanks Daniela, those veggies look wonderful! 

I am an allotment novice and have been helping a friend with her allotment plot in Seaford. The plot was in a bit of a state when we started as it wasn’t worked on for a few years. So in our first year we have been busy organising the plot and staying on top of the weeds and slugs. However, it’s been very enjoyable as the allotment offers physical exercise, relaxation, opportunities to socialise and on top of all these, some fruit and veg. What’s not to like :)

This year we have been growing cabbages, carrots, beans, courgettes, potatoes, peas, different herbs, aubergines, beetroots, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces at varying levels of success. Particularly difficult we have found this year are the peas, beans, strawberries and cabbages.

What I like about gardening in general is the feeling of achievement when after hours of weeding and looking after plants, flowers and fruits appear. And there is nothing better than after working the soil to find a moment to sit down and to enjoy what has been done.

What I like most about the allotment in Seaford is its setting as it’s very peaceful and working surrounded by greenery and bird songs (no seagulls here). It is just so lovely.

I also like the community aspect as everyone is friendly and happy to help with tips and sometimes with missing tools. Then there is this tradition to leave leftover plants and crops for others to take. So even if our plot hasn’t been giving us many crops this year, we still could eat homegrown veggies. And next year we might be luckier with our crops and donate as well.

I highly recommend getting a plot at the allotment. It’s a great way of looking after body and soul.

Daniela Carl

We’ve visited these allotments a couple of times, and it’s a really lovely site. Last week I got talking to a couple of allotment holders who also mentioned how lovely and peaceful it was here, and how working the plots was a real escape for them. It’s not all about vegetables, there are some beautiful flowers too, including dahlias and sunflowers at the moment! There are some great projects in place too, including a wild flower area, dye garden and a suggestion that bee-hives be introduced. We look forward to finding out more about these projects in the future. If you are involved please do get in touch and tell us more!

If you’d like to find about how to get an allotment on this site, the waiting list is not too long. You can contact the committee here.

If you can’t commit to your own plot, or would like to learn more about gardening, before you commit, why not volunteer to help at the Seaford community garden in Crouch Gardens, where you will be most welcome, and can learn in a friendly supportive environment. Volunteers are always welcome. You can also buy freshly grown produce and plants here. The garden is open on Wednesday mornings all year round, and on Saturday mornings during the Summer.