As you may know, Greenhavens recently had their AGM, at YHA South Downs in Southease. It was a lovely evening. We managed to get everyone together for a photograph, and even some video footage taken by a drone (see it on our home page!)

A highlight of the evening, was supper. We were lucky enough to have SCDA (Sussex Community Development Association) who set up their cooking pots in the courtyard. SCDA have been running courses recently in Newhaven, thanks to a Big Lottery grant. A series of cookery courses – Budget Bites, focused on healthy eating, and making delicious recipes for a reasonable cost. There are more courses coming up at Newhaven Community Kitchen, on Denton Island.

A YouGov survey in 2017 found that 9% of people in the UK hardly ever make meals from raw ingredients and 4% never do. Instead they choose frozen or pre-prepared options. People really are missing out, as home cooked food, is usually far better tasting, cheaper and better for you!

The chefs got busy cooking, while the rest of us stood around chatting, getting wafts of those wonderful cooking aromas! The curry was given extra flavour from a handful of fresh herbs someone brought along.

The lentil and sweet potato curry was dished up, and was absolutely delicious. Lots of people came back for seconds, and to grab a copy of the recipe sheet! Lentils are a great base for a meal, being nutritious, healthy, cheap and easy to eat. The coconut milk, gave it a wonderful rich creamy texture, and lovely flavour.

If you’d like to give it a go, the recipe (and lots of other great looking ones!) can be found in this cookbook. Do let us know how you get on!

Mmm. Must be lunch time