What are we doing?


While only a few of Greenhavens’ current groups offer formal courses, most are fulfilling and educational role. For example, Seaford Natural History Society regularly carry out surveys of reptiles, butterflies, green-winged orchids and moon carrots…until I started writing this piece, I had no idea there was such a thing as a moon carrot, let alone that they grow on Seaford Head!

In January Greenhavens Network hosted a project scoping workshop to bring our groups together, share local knowledge and our various objectives and ongoing projects. First we discussed what we are for and what our collective capabilities are. The list was long and education was a central theme for the 20 groups that attended. The highlights looked a bit like this.

Then we split off into our respective geographic areas and listed our various projects and aims. Check out “Our Green Future” for links to the community groups own sites where you will find details of all their work. The projects were then split into themes which came out looking a bit like this.

With so many brilliant plans, picking a  headline objective for the Greenhavens Network was not easy, but after much discussion it’s “Corridors”.

All the groups present talked about the need to help pollinators and wildlife generally by sowing wildflower verges, planting trees, digging ponds etc, and we all agreed that maximise the benefits to wildlife and people alike they need to be joined up.

So our next step as a Network is to look at ways we can increase and support cooperation between our areas and all our groups.

We have an ongoing role in supporting and publicising all the community and conservation work going on, come to our network meetings where you will meet other like minded people and lots of useful information such as how to apply for some of the community levy funding, or where you can find crab apples to make jelly. And everything in between!

Workshop Scoping Project

Jules Charrington