Friends of Lake Park Pond

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Friends of Lake Park Pond2020-07-25T16:53:22+01:00


Movingsounds is a community of professional facilitators passionate about the power of creativity to transform lives. As musicians, artists and [...]


Seaford Beach parkrun

We offer a free, weekly, timed 5K to people of all ages and abilities. Our course is suitable for wheelchairs, [...]

Seaford Beach parkrun2019-05-11T13:10:48+01:00

Lewes House Garden

Being surrounded by plants, helping them to grow, spending time outdoors in nature is good for many aspects of health [...]

Lewes House Garden2021-05-16T16:33:44+01:00

Cycle Seahaven

Cycle Seahaven2019-06-16T14:09:47+01:00

Sussex Community Development Association

Highlighting the importance of access to green and open spaces across the area. Especially by people who feel they have [...]

Sussex Community Development Association2019-05-29T08:48:12+01:00

Saltdean Resident Association

Established in 1934 we are concerned with the health and well-being of all ages in Saltdean. Situated between the Sea, [...]

Saltdean Resident Association2019-05-13T19:39:48+01:00
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