On a beautiful Monday morning, I decide to try a walk from Seaford to Bishopstone. I started walking down Avondale Road and stopped at East Blatchington Pond, where the daffodils were looking beautiful, and the ducks were resting at the side of the still water! Find out more about the pond here

Continuing up Blatchington Hill there were a riot of wildflowers emerging along the side of the path and verges. Sparrows were twittering in the bushes, and goldfinches were searching in the grass for flower seeds.

At the churchyard of St Peter’s Church the magnolia was looking stunning!

Opposite Firle Drive I took the little twitten on the left between the houses, and from there headed towards the next one between Victor Close and the Coop in Princess Drive. To the left of the shop there is another path running next to a children’s playground. I kept heading westwards and was soon on a path between open fields. It wasn’t at all muddy, and the skylarks were in full song! Quite wonderful to hear. I kept walking, crossed a minor road and enjoyed views of the Newhaven and Bishopstone to the left.

Once the path met a lane, I took that down to the left, and then a right to stroll into Bishopstone village, where I was amazed to see a huge patch of celandines, positively buzzing with bees.


I took a short detour round the pretty church and village, before heading back to the main road.

The walk was about 2.5 miles back to the road, longer if (like I did) you then took a path across to the beach to return to Seaford on foot


Do let us know your favourite walks, and what you have seen