Living Streets

We recently had an update from Greenhavens partner, Living Streets. Living Streets is a UK charity established in 1929 which promoted walking as the natural choice for everyday local journeys. In the early days their campaigning led to the UK’s first zebra crossing and the introduction of speed limits. Today they face new challenges, but their work is as important as ever.

Their mission is to achieve a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more. You can find out more on their excellent website

Active Travel Map at Seaford Head

One of Living Streets’ great initiatives is NEXT STEPS, a walking challenge for students transitioning to secondary school. They have been working with Seaford Head School, a parent governor and an enthusiastic group of pupils to produce an Active Travel Map for Seaford students.

Working with year six students from feeder primary schools, the transition team noticed that students lacked confidence or knowledge about their new journey and travelling actively and independently.

Conducting workshops with Living Streets, school governors and students, the team developed maps of the easiest and safest routes to school – including safe places to cross roads and safer walking and cycling routes.

A year eight group of students formed the ‘Travel Group’ and added significant milestones and markers to help younger students interpret the maps. Now in its second year, a new travel group has been formed to give tips and guidance to year six pupils for travelling to what would become their new school. This helps children to feel safer, more independent and active on their new school journey.

Seaford’s project coordinator from Living Streets, Eleanor Togut said:

“Often students starting secondary school have little experience of managing their own journeys. This contributes to a number of students getting driven to the gates by parents or carers as they go through secondary school. Older students, like those who won the People’s Award, can really support in building confidence in younger pupils to travel independently and sustainably.

This group of enthusiastic pupils have worked really hard to produce this resource and I’m sure it’s going to help so many of their peers.”

People’s Award

Eleanor was delighted to announce that Seaford Active Travel Map won the 2019 Transport Planning Society “People’s Award“. The school group were nominated for an award in October, and attended the Transport Planning event on 20th November held at the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Well done to Seaford Head school and all involved with the project!

You can find out more, about encouraging your children to travel sustainably to school on the Living Streets website.