Newhaven Tree Wardens started up in January 2017 after a proposal by the then Town Clerk, Jackie Main, of the formation of a Tree Warden group. We are now 5 volunteers from all walks of life, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm.
Our aim is to plant trees and shrubs in public areas around Newhaven where they can be seen and enjoyed by local people. Trees will also improve the biodiversity and make Newhaven a better place to live and visit.
We want to raise awareness to the value and benefit of trees which can provide wild life habitats and improve air quality.
With the restrictions that Covid-19 has brought in 2020, we now meet monthly via Zoom or outside at a safe distance as the guidance allows. We have notes from the meetings so that we all know what we’ve discussed and planned.
Behind the scenes there is a lot of work and communication needed. After we have found a possible planting site and what we’d like to plant, we have to identity the landowner and obtain their permission to plant. This can take forever! Then, when we have the ok, we have to ensure it’s safe to plant, i.e. no gas or water pipes below, likewise, no electrical and communication cables. Again, it takes to a lot of time to obtain these service charts. Eventually, we are ready to plant!! We need spades, forks, stakes/supports, mallets, a lot of tea, enthusiasm and muscle!  So, if you see us out there in whatever the weather throws at us, please honk your horns or shout hello, it does help.
Our first big dig was the empty verge at Powell Gardens opposite Paradise Park in early 2018. That has been a great success, beautiful blossom in the Spring with red fruit of crab apples in Autumn. The team then helped The Friends of Riverside Park with the mammoth task of planting of 1000 whips in Nov 2019. We also assisted them with planting some larger rowan and hazel for instant impact. Another major session was The Drove opposite McDonalds and along North Way where we have planted acers, pines and rowans in March 2020 just before the start of Covid-19 lock down. Bulbs were planted bulbs along either end of The Drove verges, opposite the fire station, outside Kwik Fit, one of the planters in the High Street opposite Patchwork Cat, the big planter in the play area on Lewes Road. The team have also initiated the front garden scheme encouraging residents to plant trees (part funded by us) in their front gardens. To date we have planted lovely flowering cherries. And the list is never ending.
Looking forward to 2021, we will continue planting a gateway of disease resistant elms on the entry roads to the town. So far, we’ve planted on the A259 Seaford Road by the entry to the Ouse Valley Nature reserve and on the A26 by the play area in South Heighton. There are already elms planted on the C7 to replace those felled due to disease a couple of years ago.
We will be ordering bulbs for under planting next Autumn to add to those we’ve already planted, followed by shrubs and plants on various sites around the town, so keep a look out for the new additions popping up! 🌺🌹🌷🌸🌼
We are always looking for more people to join us so if anyone would like to help us, please contact us via email at, or on Twitter @bn9trees or Facebook newhaventreewardensbn9trees.