On the first day of Christmas Greenhavens showed to me…

Twelve Buses running.

Not just 12 of them, but the regular number 12 bus runs right along the coast from Telscombe to Seaford and beyond to the Seven Sisters park in the east, and Brighton in the west. So leave the car behind, and take a walk, enjoy the coast and the downs, the forest and the riverside.

Eleven kids a playing

Children need to play and learn outdoors! Here are 50 things to do before you are 11 and 3/4. How many have your kids done? How many have you done? Let us know how you get on! Have fun

Ten years a Park

In 2020 the South Downs National Park will be ten years old!

What is special about the South Downs National Park launched in 2010?

Diverse, inspirational landscapes and breathtaking views;
A rich variety of wildlife and habitats including rare and internationally important species;
Tranquil and unspoilt places;
An environment shaped by centuries of farming and embracing new enterprise;
Great opportunities for recreational activities and learning experiences;
Well-conserved historical features and a rich cultural heritage;
Distinctive towns and villages, and communities with real pride in their area.

Greenhavens work in Partnership with the National Park, and they can help your group too!

Nine percent recycled

(birds made out of plastic milk cartons at Sussex Prairie Gardens)

91% of all plastics are not recycled and as we have seen some are causing devastating effects on our oceans and wildlife that depend on them. Projects like Refill Seaford and Newhaven, and Plastic Free Seaford, are doing a great job, but we all need to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our precious planet.

Eight crows a crowing.

At Peacehaven community orchard you will often spot the crows, they almost look like they are on guard. In the Summer you can also see swallows swooping round the apple trees, sparrows chattering in the shelter belt, and the songs of skylarks fill the sky. You may also see a kestrel hunting nearby in the meadow, but not enough of them yet to control the voles that wreak havoc in the orchard, chewing and killing young trees.

There is a lot to crow about in Peacehaven park – a fantastic playground, skatepark and lovely cafe. Lots of events start here too, bike rides, park runs, cycle repair sessions and more.

Seven Stunning Sisters

Seaford Head Nature reserve is a fantastic place to take a stroll with the world famous view of the Seven Sisters Cliffs, and an incredible place for wildlife. In Winter you can still see native birds such as stonechats, meadow pipits and skylarks. Seaford Head is also a fabulous place to watch birds on migration

Six community gardens.

Twenty volunteers from six community gardens, recently went on an away day trip to enjoy a fun visit to all the gardens, learn from each other and make vital connections for support and resilience.

Five railway towns.

Seaford, Bishopstone, Newhaven, Southease and Lewes are lucky to have a branch line through our amazing countryside. From these stops there are numerous footpaths and cycleways for you to enjoy. You may have noticed that some of the stations are getting a spruce up, with renovations, or with spaces for plants and pollinators. More about this in the new year. If you are taking the train look out for foxes at Bishopstone, little egrets and other waders near Newhaven harbour, kestrels and songbirds near Southease, and do get out at Lewes, to explore the Railway land nature reserve.

Four Thousand pounds

Greenhavens were delighted to receive £4000 from the Lewes Fund, This will be used for essential training for community groups. Find out in the new year how this fund can help your group become stronger and more resilient.

Three green maps

With your help we are mapping all the green space, and potential green spaces, for corridors for wildlife in Seaford, Peacehaven and Newhaven! It’s an exciting project, do get involved if you can!

Two perfect ponds

Blatchington pond in Seaford and Valley Ponds in Newhaven are managed for recreation and wildlife by your local council in partnership with local volunteer groups. Look out for ducks, moorhens and coots, frogs and toads, dragonflies and bees and other pollinators.

..and a partridge and a pear tree

At Tidemills you can spot a lovely pear tree among the old ruins, normally full of birds! In the Winter you can often also spot birds such as red legged partridge and lapwing in the surrounding arable fields , and waders such as redshank and ringed plover in the creek.


A very happy GREEN Christmas to everyone in the Greenhavens network. Thanks for all your support and hard work, and we will look forward to working with you all in 2020.

Together we really do make a difference