We had some feedback recently that it wasn’t very clear on our website, exactly what Greenhavens do?

So here we try and explain more (in a nutshell)

WHERE does Greenhavens cover?

Loosely, the area between Telscombe in the west, Seaford in the east, and the A27 to the north (though if groups are just outside that area, they are very welcome too!)

WHICH community groups does Greenhavens work with?

Those groups using our local green spaces, with at least one of the following themes

  • Conservation
  • Garden
  • Appeals and campaigns
  • Learning together
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Food

WHAT does Greenhavens do?


We SUPPORT your community groups

We CONNECT people in the community together, and to other key partners

We PROMOTE stories your projects and groups as widely as possible

WHO can we help?

Community Groups: If you are in a community group, we can help you with initial advice and ongoing support, suggest options for funding and connect you to local partners including councils and authorities.

Individuals/local Businesses: If you care about our local green spaces and want to get involved, we can connect you to projects that need volunteers, expertise, funds and support. You can also help with our current campaigns (such as mapping our green corridors, documenting our lost rights of way, Encouraging wild flower verges etc)

Funding bodies/Statutory bodies: We can direct you to motivated resilient community groups that can help meet your objectives and deliverables.


“I was very lucky to be introduced to Karen and Greenhavens. Since that initial chat Karen has helped me to connect to so many different people and organisations. Working with these groups I can find existing and new opportunities for both my patients living with dementia and their families but also our whole patient base”. Julie Barnett (Dementia and Frailty Coordinator)

“I’m so glad this network has been set up – it’s already put us in touch with the local Tree Wardens who we are working closely with to plant new trees on the Park (over 400 coming from the Woodland Trust) with the help of Burleys and the South Downs National Park volunteers. We’re booked for a Bat Blitz later this year which is very exciting.” Lesley Boniface, Chair, Friends of Riverside Park & Valley Ponds

“Thank you once again for your timely letter of support which has helped us to secure the bulk of the funding for the next phase of our network.” Neville Harrison, Chair Egrets Way Project

PROMOTE your work

The Greenhavens website is a fantastic free forum for all our community groups. We do realise that busy groups don’t often have time to publicly “blow their own trumpet” to celebrate their achievements and ask for help when they need it (volunteers, funding, support etc). However if you can share your stories and appeals with us, we will make sure that it will reach the biggest possible local audience. This will help bring more volunteers to your group, and make groups stronger and more resilient.

We can also help support you with big one off projects (e.g. tree planting days) lending tools and equipment, and finding you support from other groups.

If you have a mailing list, please do put our email address on it, and let us know your stories (website/email/facebook/face to face or whatever works for you)

Better Together – Greenhavens and your community groups really can make a difference!