Burleys were delighted to offer our time to support Newhaven Town Council’s spring bulbs initiative for the fourth year in a row. This fantastic initiative has seen 6000 daffodils go in over the last four years. Burleys donate their time, and in recent years have had the support of the Newhaven Tree Wardens, to plant bulbs in Newhaven’s main road side verges and roundabouts.

Newhaven really bursts into life when spring arrives providing quite a spectacular display of spring blooms as you pass through. This year was the first year we also planted crocuses, these beautiful flowers are full of nectar and are brilliant for our bees in early spring when they are emerging from hibernation.


Editor note – Greenhavens are busy working on a green corridor project to ensure that wildlife can survive in our green spaces, however small. If you have a garden or some outdoor space, early bulbs like crocus are brilliant for providing nectar to bees early in the season. If you would like to check if your garden provides nectar all year round, you can use this brilliant website to see if your garden is “bee kind” all year round. Do let us know how you get on.

As you can see the Newhaven tree wardens do so much more than planting trees! We hear they have recently also been planting a mermaid of flowers in the pirate garden in Riverside Park! Can’t wait to see it in bloom!